• The Payment must be sent via paypal. Germans may use bank transfer.
  • Payments up to 150€ are expected to be paid up front in full. For everything above, the client can chose to split the Payment, meaning 50% up front, the rest upon confirmation of the sketch. A tip to cover the Paypal fee is highly appreciated but not mandatory.
  • Payment must be sent within 48h of the invoice sent to prevent backlog of slots.
  • For projects over 1000€ a payment plan may be discussed.
  • All displayed prices are subject to change depending on the level of complexity. I charge extra for complicated designs and settings.

  • To order a commission from me, please fill out the form found here: Commission form.
  • Unless agreed upon otherwise, please refrain from rushing me during the process. If you have a deadline, please inform me beforehand and we can discuss.
  • The client is asked to provide sufficient visual reference for original characters/ pets/ specific environments (meaning everything that needs to be drawn has to be clearly shown.) Everything else will be charged extra with a design fee.
  • For Full Illustrations, designs and other complicated orders, I will provide a concept sketch after either full or initial payment.
    After that, I expect the full payment before providing a detailed sketch and rough coloring/ detailing. Thereafter, the commission will be completed but if the client so wishes, additional WIPs can be provided. I will only accomodate very minor changes after the sketching phase however.
  • I offer one free major revision for full digital illustrations and other complex works in the concept phase. Any other revisions are expected to be paid. To avoid unnecessary back-and-forth, please be as detailed as you can in your description and/or provide further references if you have a very specific vision.

If either side decides to cancel the commission, a refund is possible under circumstances stated below:
  • You have approved the sketch and no progress has been made after 60 days. A full refund can be demanded.
  • A refund will not be issued if your commission is already being worked on or completed.
    In these cases I have the right to keep and resell your commission in any way.
  • If the commission is cancelled from my side, a full refund will be issued.

  • By buying a commission, the client acquires the right right of use for the artwork and is permitted to use it in private and non-commercial ways (e.g. in avatars, banners, homepages etc.). The client is not free to distribute the art or edit the art itself. Neither is the client allowed to claim it as their own.
  • I, as the artist, retain the all rights to display all commissioned artworks on any websites, social media, portfolios and artbooks unless agreed upon otherwise.
  • I retain the right to sell artworks as prints if they are not the client’s intellectual property (e.g. fanart commissions, landscape paintings from reference etc.) unless it’s a design commission. The commissioner has the right to a free copy if they cover the shipping cost.
  • If the client wishes to reproduce the artwork to distribute to others on a larger scale (postcards, flyers etc.), they are expected to contact me for further details.
  • If the client wishes to use the commissioned artwork in any commercial way, they are expected to contact me for further details.

  • Due to the non-binding nature of a waitlist, I entertain a ping- / notification-list instead.
    Potential clients can chose to sign up for ping/ notification via e-mail or discord server which will notify them shortly before or immediately upon commission openings. ‘First come, first serve’ will still be in place to keep slot openings flowing but pinglist clients will have priority when responding within the timeframe of the opening and me first checking my messages for orders.
  • To sign up for my pinglist, please e-mail to: contact@irenehuang.com or DM me via social media (although the latter is easier overlooked).